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Stalatube gets even stronger –launches two new strength classes, STALA400F and STALA630D  

Stalatube has created a new material concept for manufacturing extremely lightweight bus bodies with its stainless steel components. The new strength classes, STALA400F for stronger ferritics and STALA630D for stronger Lean Duplex, enable the manufacture of even lighter bus bodies, thanks to the material’s yield strength of up to 630 MPa, together with its excellent elongation and energy absorption properties. 630 MPaWith the lighter stainless steel bus body, you can save on fuel costs and reduce emissions while still maintaining impact safety.

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Stalatube is at the front line of the development –
new materials make it possible to build lighter and lighter structures

Stalatube is the world’s biggest producer of ferritic EN 1.4003 square and rectangular tubes. Ferritic material is the most cost effective stainless steel you can get, it has good structural corrosion resistance and relatively high strength.

Our Lean Duplex steel is stronger than the traditional materials and helps reduce the weight of the vehicle considerably. It has superb elongation and corrosion resistance. It is also a durable, cost efficient and environmentally friendly material. Use of Lean Duplex reduces fuel costs and the environmental footprint. By combining Stalatube’s stainless steel materials, it is possible to build the most lightweight solution on the market with the lowest LCC costs.

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