Stainless steel products

Stainless steel has established its position as a material for structural hollow sections by having excellent corrosion resistance properties, good long-term durability, strength, toughness and weldability. Stainless steel is suitable for various purposes.

100 % recyclable

The world is focusing more on life cycle costing issues and it will be more interesting to use stainless steel hollow sections as they offer much better economics in the long run.

The increasing use of stainless steel hollow sections in load bearing structures has created a demand for more high strength stainless steels. For example the Duplex and Lean Duplex stainless steels have an excellent combination of strength and corrosion resistance.

Stalatube is known worldwide as the manufacturer of diverse and highly developed stainless steel hollow sections. Stalatube provides cutting-edge technology, over 1000 products and a full range of services.

Our custom packaging ensures that products are delivered in the best condition and ready for installation, with each package clearly identified by specification and certification.

Product range:

  • Square hollow section 20x20x1.2 – 300x300x12 mm (1x1x0.060 – 12x12x0.500 inch)
  • Rectangular hollow section 30x20x1.2 – 400x200x12 mm (1.5x1x0.060 – 16x8x0.500 inch )
  • Flat bars 25x3 -150x8 mm
  • Stalargo - customised press brake tubes, up to 1000x1000x10 mm

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