Oil & Gas Industry

Oil & Gas Industry

Stalatube - a world leading supplier of stainless structural products for the oil & gas industry

Stainless steel products can last in an aggressive marine environment for up to 50 years without maintenance. We supply stainless structural hollow sections, I-beams, flat bars and stainless profiles for demanding on- and offshore applications. We also offer our expertise and experience to our customers to help them choose the optimal material grades. Over the years we have gained a thorough knowledge of the industry and can really help to make a difference.
Benefits of Duplex and Lean Duplex stainless steels in the oil & gas industry:

• High strength – enables lighter constructions
• Maintenance free – low life cycle costs
• Corrosion resistance – very good general corrosion resistance (compared to austenitic materials such as 316L), as well as pitting corrosion resistance and intergranular corrosion (welded areas)
• Improved mechanical properties – higher tensile and yield strength
• Good weldability and fatigue properties
Hollow sections and other products are widely used in oil rig topsides and gas processing plants, for example. They are also used in pipe support systems and pipe racks for process piping. They can be used in skids for equipment or machinery, bridges and walkways, stairway towers and handrails, to mention a few applications.

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Stalatube Duplex and Lean Duplex stainless steel tubes

Material grades


Stalatube_oil_gasStalatube is at the forefront of development – new materials make it possible to build lighter and lighter structures
Stalatube was one of the first companies on the market to start producing hollow sections made from Lean Duplex grades. These material grades were found to be fit for demanding structural applications. Stalatube has over ten years of experience in manufacturing and delivering Duplex stainless products for different applications, including the oil & gas industry.
Use our strength!
Lean Duplex grades have higher strength than traditional materials. This helps different industries to reduce the weight of the structure considerably. Lean Duplex grades have superb elongation and corrosion resistance. They are also durable, cost efficient and environmentally friendly. The use of Lean Duplex material grades reduces the environmental footprint. By utilising the superior characteristics of these grades, it is possible to build the most lightweight solution on the market with the lowest LCC costs.

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At Stalatube, custom-made is standard

Depending on the customer’s requirements, Stalatube can deliver anything from standard hollow sections and profiles to highly customised components or tailor-made, ready-to-assemble component kits.

Stalatube stainless products enable weight savings in topside structures. Compared to carbon steel or aluminium, Stalatube stainless product features are superior when it comes to the life cycle costs, strength and lightness, corrosion resistance or environmental friendliness of a product.
Stalatube has the world's most flexible production lines. Producing special dimensions and special thicknesses is our daily business. We aim to optimise our customer’s products and eradicate traditional thinking.

Stalatube also has state-of-art tube laser cutting, bending and forming technology, which make it possible to deliver ready-made components and achieve manufacturing tolerances that are not possible to achieve cost-efficiently with any other production methods.   


Service and know-how


More than just product manufacturing  

In customer projects, Stalatube takes care of the process and delivers products on-site, ready to assemble, if needed. Through close co-operation, products are customised according to the customer's needs, in order to guarantee the best weight-cost ratio.   If you have any doubts about stainless steel materials, processing or welding, Stalatube is always willing to assist – not only in theory but also in practice. Stalatube also works collaboratively with many engineering and design companies. We believe in constant product development.


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