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Carrying responsibility for sustainable growth

We strive to offer our customers and other stakeholders responsibly produced products and services that enable more environmentally friendly solutions with the lowest environmental costs possible. We are aware of our environmental impact during the whole lifespan of our product and continuously work to minimise it.

Acting in accordance with the principles of sustainable development and continuous improvement of the level of our environmental protection are the cornerstones of our environmental policy. Our sustainably manufactured products also benefit our customers. We are part of the Cleantech Finland network.

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Decreasing the amount of waste by 45%

We have decreased the amount of waste that we produce by 45% over the past five years. We use a priority system in our waste management and always try to find new uses for waste before sorting it for recycling.

2/3 of Stalatube’s raw materials are recycled

Stainless steel is environmentally friendly and 100% recyclable, and its quality does not change during the recycling process. Currently, 2/3 of the raw materials used by Stalatube are recycled materials, and we want to increase this proportion further. We prioritise responsible suppliers who take environmental concerns into account. This guarantees that the environmental costs of our products are as low as possible, starting from the production of the raw material.

Sustainable growth in the whole chain

Our operations are certified in accordance with the international 14001 environmental standard, and we also expect the same responsibility from our partners: We compare different producers of raw material, subcontractors and shippers in order to find partners who share our environmental values.