From zero to the top

From zero to the top


Growth is not a goal in itself, but growth always requires that you improve your performance. Stalatube started its tube production as early as 1974, giving it nearly 40 years of experience in the branch. Our investment in the “tube future” began from the demand for an understructure for commercial kitchen tables. When this baby was born it was not yet obvious that one day Stalatube would have under its roof the world´s largest range of dimensions within its branch.

In the beginning, only production efficiency was considered important and we did not have very many products. Soon after that our founder, and my father-in-law, Industrial Counsellor Mr. Reino Rajamäki, wanted to start listening to the customers more carefully. Bigger tubes were already in demand then, but back then 100×100 mm was considered a huge tube. Customer wishes also led to cut-to-length services and today a wide variety of different kinds of prefabrication possibilities are available. No matter what the tube size is, it is always possible to make variations to the tube to create a component to meet every need. Do not hesitate to challenge us!

My father-in-law Reino generously arranged for me the opportunity to start my entrepreneurial career and I am thankful to him for that. It also placed a ersonal financial load on me that could be called the “entrepreneur’s motivation”. After eight years in charge, I reckon that “entrepreneurship is the best thing that you can do with your clothes on”.

Today, Reino is still keeping an eye on Stalatube’s business with enthusiasm and curiosity. Naturally, the company is the entrepreneur’s only baby, which never grows up. Earlier he was a Board member and kept calling me quite often. Today it is the opposite; I keep him up to date with what is going on. You decide: is that a sign that the generation change in the company has been finalised?

We listen carefully to what the customers have to say. This has been our practice nearly from day one. Following on from Reino, our former CEO Mr. Jan Christiansen made our company international. He started to export heavily, which led to a situation where more than 90 per cent of our products are sold to all of the world’s continents. Already then, but especially during the last few years, Stalatube has been concentrating on offering more and more prefabricated products to meet the customers’ solutions. To be able to recognize their needs we must listen to the customer more, and be closer to them. This means listening to YOU, so please let us know what you need!

From year to year we receive excellent Customer Satisfaction Index (CSI) points from you. It encourages us to continue our development towards the future. We are thankful to you for the good results, but at the same time humble enough to pick up on the advice you give us on how to improve ourselves so that we can reach an even higher level. That is what we call continuous improvement, a philosophy we have been following for a long time already. So, when we meet you the next time, let us tell you about Stalatube’s customer satisfaction study results in order to strengthen our co-operation. Finally we’ll ask you: “Is there something more Stalatube could do for you?”