Marathons also increase endurance at work

Marathons also increase endurance at work


Last year, Stalatube produced 5,000,000 metres of tube. It might be hard to imagine a number like that, but thinking in terms of, say, a marathon gives you an idea of what it means in kilometres. Last year, then, Stalatube produced 118 marathons’ worth of tube.

Stalatube’s marathoners do not quite have that many marathons under their belts, but the number of kilometres they have run altogether as a group over ten years adds up to quite a lot.

“Our group ran its first marathon together in Helsinki in 2002. I ran in the Stockholm marathon for the first time in 2004 and I’ve been hooked ever since,” says Sari Sandberg, ERP Co-ordinator and a member of Stalatube’s running club for employees.

Runners from Stalatube and Stala

Sandberg recalls that it was a couple of active runners who sparked the interest in running. It wasn’t long before a whole group was formed, and they trained together for an average of two marathons every year. The company contributed to the costs by paying for, among other things, physical fitness charting carried out by professionals, as well as the marathoners’ participation fees. The highest number of participants was for the 2008 Stockholm marathon, with 17 employees taking part.

“In recent years, half marathons have been more popular. The Helsinki City Run has already become a tradition for us. Last spring, 12 of us took part in it,” Sandberg says.

She believes that the best part of having a shared hobby with colleagues is the positive impact it has on both the activity itself and their work.

“It’s fun training with a bunch of like-minded individuals. The physical nature of our hobby really balances out all the thinking we do at the office. Colleagues who share your hobby are also a source of strength for the workday through being able to share the pains and joys of running,” concludes Sandberg.