“Cut to length is in demand”

“Cut to length is in demand”


Metals wholesaler Tibnor AB is one of the most long-standing users of Stalatube’s cut-to-length products.Björn Marklund from Tibnor has been satisfied with the deliveries of cut-to-length tubes, which have already continued for years.

“It’s good to be able to offer customers a variety of products,” he says.

Pressteknik, a Swedish company manufacturing parts for forestry machines, among other things, buys the most cut-to-length tubes from Tibnor. Their co-operation has been fruitful and without a single complaint.

“The quality has been excellent,” affirms Peder Lövgren from Pressteknik and continues: “We’ve also benefitted from our cutting capacity being freed up for other jobs when we receive the tubes as cut to length.”


“Good quality is precisely what makes selling Stalatube’s tubes so easy,” says Marklund. Tibnor and their customers alike can rely on Stalatube to deliver what it has promised, making filing complaints unnecessary and thus saving on time.

“One of our customers even buys nine-metre-long tubes with twist of max. 0.8 mm. That is a tough order but Stalatube has managed to deliver the products without a flaw and our customers have been very happy,” says Marklund.

In addition to high quality, Marklund praises the ease of co-operation.

“For orders that exceed a specific weight limit we don’t need to pay freight, instead the order can be shipped directly to the customer. It makes things a lot simpler and saves time,” he says.