For the customer

For the customer


Even though stainless steel hollow sections are very close to our heart, manufacturing them wouldn’t be very interesting in the long run without our customers. You, dear customer, are our company’s most important person. That is why this issue of our magazine focusses on the varying needs of our customers and how we can meet those needs.

Cut-to-length tubes are one product that has resulted from listening to our customers’ needs. Even though six-metre-long tubes have become the industry standard, we want to remind you that it is possible to get hollow sections in whatever length you or your customer needs. It is not more expensive – in fact as a whole quite the opposite. By ordering hollow sections that are best suited to your requirements, you save time, money and the environment. Cut-to-length and optimised hollow sections also enable our customers to widen their service portfolios and improve their competitiveness. End users can optimize their production by getting assembly ready components on site.

Competition is increasingly brutal and the demands placed on services and products are growing. Cost-efficiency and eco-friendliness create challenges for both deliveries and manufacturing materials. These are also areas in which we wish to be a leader. In our article Communication with the customer saves time and trouble our forwarding agent in the US, Mikko Lindroos, explains how we ensure that orders arrive at their destinations accurately and as quickly as possible. Sales Manager Petri Kotilainen talks about the various demands that customers place on the products they order and how we respond to those demands. He also talks about the benefits of our newest material grade, Lean Duplex. It can be used for example in the transportation sector in which emissions requirements have challenged the industry to favour even lighter materials.

We want to listen to our customers and meet their needs as well as offer them improved solutions, before they even know to ask for them. We want our customers to be able to rely on us to know what the best solution is – even before they know it themselves. That is why we wish to communicate openly with all of our customers. Only through open two-way communication can we find the best possible solution to meet your needs.

On a lighter note, our magazine features an article concerning our co-operation with the pride and joy of Stalatube’s home city Lahti, namely ski jumping. By supporting junior ski jumpers we wish to carry out our social responsibility, but also communicate Stalatube’s values. As our Managing Director Jukka Nummiputs it, ski jumping accurately describes Stalatube’s operating philosophy – courage, moving forward and controlled style. These are values that give us the daring to keep setting the bar higher and higher in serving you, our dear customers.