Pay for what you need

Pay for what you need


How much tube should you order if you need four 1.3-metre lengths of tube?
Surprisingly many will answer six metres even though a simple calculation will tell you that less would be sufficient.

“The six-metre-long tube is a concept that is deeply rooted in the industry. Today, there’s no need to order six metres if you need less or different lengths. Our saw can handle it,” says Export Manager Saila Lehtomäki.

The benefits of cut-to-length tubes, both financially and environmentally, are undeniable.

“When customers order precisely what is required, they don’t need to pay extra. Customers can use the calculator on our website to discover how much they save by ordering cut-to-length products,” says Lehtomäki.

She reminds that it is possible to order both sections that are cut to the final length as well as optimised multiple lengths. For example, if you require four 1.3-metre-long sections, you can order 5.2 metres of tube directly and thus avoid waste, even when the final cutting is performed on-site.
Using cut-to-length tubes also has its benefits in terms of the environment. The savings start at the plant: only what is required is manufactured. Then follow the savings achieved in transportation.


“What’s the point of transporting scrap thousands of kilometres? Even though stainless steel is fully recyclable, transporting scrap to the recycling station is another source of emissions,” Lehtomäki reminds us.

Every single kilogram flown as air freight, for example, costs you both time and money.

“Even if a six-metre-long tube were to only create a small amount of scrap, an order consisting of hundreds of tubes would already result in significant waste,” says Lehtomäki. She reminds us that these savings benefit wholesalers and end users alike.

“The wholesaler can also stand out from the competition by offering a broader range of products and more practical products from the end user’s perspective,” she adds.

Cut-to-length tubes create significant savings in work phases as well. When the order arrives cut to length, there is no need for separate work phases at the work site. It saves not only money, but also time.Stalatube’s swift deliveries guarantee that cut-to-length tubes arrive within a reasonable time.

“For products that are not our stock items, the delivery time is not affected by the product being cut to length on the line. The delivery times are slightly longer than for a stocked standard 6-metre tube, but you save on time at the end of the chain,” says Lehtomäki.