Stalatube supports young ski jumpers

Stalatube supports young ski jumpers


Lahti is a city known for producing not only high-quality steel tubes, but also ski jumpers. Jari Puikkonen, Toni Nieminen, Janne Ahonen, Ville Larinto… many have leap from Lahti’s famous ski jumping hill to achieve international fame.
At the moment, however, steel tubes seem to be doing better than Lahti’s ski jumpers. Lahti Ski Club has asked for donations to help support young ski jumpers and get the city back to on top of the game.
Stalatube is one of the companies that has responded.

“The painful truth is that the more money you have at your disposal, the better the results. Ski jumping is an important sport for Lahti in a number of ways and therefore, as a local company, we wish to support it,” says Stalatube’s Managing Director Jukka Nummi.

Even though Stalatube has supported children’s and young people’s sports activities in the past, Nummi feels that ski jumping is a sport that holds special significance. In his opinion, the sport entails many values that match those of Stalatube’s business philosophy.

“Ski jumping is about courage, moving forward and controlled style,” he says.

The three-year sponsorship agreement was initiated last year. The agreement supports a ski jumping academy founded in the name of World Champion Janne Ahonen. Support from Stalatube and other sponsors is used for equipment and subdising training camp fees.

“The situation is fairly good at present. We have enough equipment so that ski jumpers who are just starting don’t need to invest in them. That means that taking up the hobby isn’t a question of money,” explains Lahti Ski Club’s Executive Director Mika Bono.

The received funds have also enabled the club to hire a full-time coach for the junior ski jumpers.

“That is relatively uncommon but it definitely strengthens Lahti’s position as a ski jumping city. We can be happy with where we are at the moment,” Bono says thankfully, all the while looking ahead to the 2017 World Championships to be held in Lahti.

“I’m sure that the games will reveal what our efforts have achieved,” promises Bono.