New employees

New employees


Petra Peltovako, Project Manager, Marketing, 38, MS. Econ.

Petra Peltovako, who is substituting for Laura Äimälä-Heiskanen during her maternity leave, transferred to Stalatube from her position as Marketing Manager at personnel service provider Go On. She took up her tasks at Stalatube’s head office in Lahti last autumn.

Peltovako did her BBA in the Netherlands. She has a background in marketing, and experience in, among other things, German clothing-industry exports.

Her role at Stalatube is to bring new ideas to the company’s marketing and communication activities. Due to the major organisational transformation that is under way at Stalatube, a number of matters are being reassessed.

Her job also involves planning and co-ordinating this customer magazine.

Despite starting out in a new field, Peltovako says her colleagues have made her feel more than welcome in the metal-working world. “The atmosphere here is nice and friendly,” she says.


Markku Koponen, Director, Energy Sector, 42, M.Sc. (Tech.)

Markku Koponen joined Stalatube from Telatek Group, where he was CEO, at the start of this year.

“I had collaborated with Stalatube for a long time, most recently as a consultant in wind-power matters, until I finally made the complete switch over to this side of the business,” recounts Koponen.

As Director of Stalatube’s Energy Sector, Koponen has been focussing particularly on developing and marketing a new wind turbine tower. “Wind power is very close to my heart,” he says.

Koponen worked abroad for six years, a large part of that time in Germany, in the areas of procurement and sales & marketing. “I’m quite familiar with the way the two fields work,” he says.

Koponen sees a lot of strengths in Stalatube, but also areas that can be improved. “If we develop those areas, there’s no telling how great our company will become,” he says with a grin.

Koponen praises Stalatube for its corporate values and family-business character: “These were clearly visible from the outside, even before I joined the company, and I became even more convinced of them once I had an insider’s view.”



Kimberly Goossens, Sales Assistant, 24

Kimberly Goossens works in her native Netherlands as a sales assistant. She found the job in the same building where she was previously employed.

“Since I had already been working in the building, I knew how nice the people there are. When the sales assistant position opened up, I was asked if I was considering changing jobs, since I had, in fact, studied to be a secretary,” Goossens says.

Prior to her job, she worked at a health-care centre, in a job that corresponded to her education.

“I really enjoy my current job. My colleagues are great and we always have fun together. The customers have also been very welcoming to me,” says Goossens with a smile.

“We really are one big family.”



Michael Föllmer, 40

Michael Föllmer from Germany is Stalatube’s BV’s newest employee. He started on 1st of October, handling the company’s sales in Germany.

Tubes are a familiar business for Föllmer, who worked at Stappert Deutschland GmbH for 16 years. With his position at Stalatube, however, he switches from purchaser to seller.

“It’s nice to see things from this side of the market for a change,” he says.

Having done business with Stalatube before, Föllmer knows the company well.

“I knew the company and its philosophy, but now I am a part of it. I am grateful to Stalatube for this opportunity,” he says.