Stalargo is created in brand-new facilities

Stalargo is created in brand-new facilities


Stalatube’s newest product is Stalargo, which is manufactured using the press brake method. The durable product which is manufactured  from standard and special materials and tailored to customers’ specifications, is so unique in the market that a machine for producing it did not even exist. So Stalatube designed one itself and built new facilities to house it. The plant was opened last summer, just a few kilometres from Stalatube’s main plant.

“We used to lease some facilities where our laser cutting line was located. When we decided to start investing more strongly in Stalargo, we thought it would be a good idea to get our own facilities,” explainsKimmo Hietanen, Production Director at Stalatube.

That the facilities are at a separate location from the Taivalkatu main plant was inevitable due to the lack of space at Taivalkatu, but it also serves a purpose.

“Stalargo is a brand in its own and we want to keep it separate from our other operations, also as a brand. So, it’s only logical to manufacture it in its own plant,” says Hietanen.




A suitable building was found in Lahti, but a second one was built next to the existing one. So, both the laser cutting line and the press brake line were given their own facilities and sufficient space.

A cutting line, which is also used to cut products manufactured at the main plant, was placed next to the press brake machine. And still there is plenty of space left over.

“The space we have here will enable us to develop our operations even further or increase our capacity. Even though these operations are only just starting up, we want to be prepared for the future. Stalargo is a product that we really want to invest in,” says Hietanen.

In addition to new facilities, Stalatube wanted a machine for manufacturing Stalargo that would also fulfil its expectations. One of Stalargo’s key strengths is its versatility, and this is something that Stalatube wanted to further with the right equipment. The machine was constructed in Lahti and uses the latest technology. Stalatube was involved in its creation from day one.

“We wanted to focus especially on the quality of the welding and the ability of the machine to produce products for a variety of applications, including the most demanding end uses,” says Hietanen.