Stalatube seeking efficiency, customer benefit and future innovations

Stalatube seeking efficiency, customer benefit and future innovations


Efficiency and simplicity and the flow of processes have been obvious targets for continuous improvement in Stalatube’s factories for decades. Unnecessary work stages have been eliminated, scrap volumes have been reduced, and products have been increasingly tailored to serve customers’ needs. In September, we received the latest quality standards for our production processes, which are top notch in terms of occupational safety and environmental friendliness.

For some time now, we have been thinking about how we can extend that same purposefulness to our overall organisational set-up. Our goal is to provide our customers with better service than ever before by offering our expertise in those industries we have strong experience.

In order to streamline our know-how, Stalatube has been reorganized into four customer segments: Oil & Gas, Transport, Energy, and Construction. For each business unit, a manager is responsible for collecting and processing all relevant information.

This clear division allows us to focus on these segments with even greater efficiency and to share our expertise in them. We have set our sights on advancing further in the value chain and taking part in the entire process, from product development to end product. This will not only increase our understanding of our customers’ needs, but will also enhance our competitiveness at a time when competing with tubes alone is becoming more and more difficult. We will also boost our partnership prospects by expanding our product range and by demonstrating that we are actively engaged in the developing market situation.

In the future, Stalatube will be known not only for its high-quality tubes, but also for its manufacture of wind turbine towers. Stalatube’s turbine towers concretely reflect the company’s desire both to be at the forefront of an environmentally friendly future and to develop its products to an ever-greater degree. Stalatube has been involved in the engineering, conceptualisation and material optimisation of turbine towers since the beginning. The products enjoy a global market and they can be manufactured close to the customer, which makes them a viable product for our customers around the world.

Stalatube has been in business over forty years. Our employees have accumulated an enormous expertise in producing stainless hollow sections. We have developed our production methods and our working environment to fulfill the needs of our customers. By working together towards common goals we can all benefit from this.

This magazine marks the start of a more detailed presentation of our business sectors. First up is a closer look at the oil & gas industry, and the latest trends in the sector.

We hope you enjoy the magazine!