Tampere Energy Production - Less weight, more strength

Tampere Energy Production - Less weight, more strength


Stalatube has delivered stainless steel hollow sections, made of LDX 2101® material, to Tampere Energy Production Ltd. for Palatsinraitti bridge and dam renovation project. Project has started in 2009 and was finished in 2012.

Stainless hollow sections used in this project, made of Lean Duplex, were 300x300x8 and 6,5 m long. According to Stalatube sales manager Petri Kotilainen, these might be the world's biggest lean duplex hollow sections produced so far. Tubes were cut to designed length and then perforated by tube laser. “Tube lasering is extremely accurate with tolerances and also cost –effective –at least if there is a slightly bigger volume of hollow sections, which needs to be perforated”, says Kotilainen.   


Photo: Riitta Savola/Tampereen Sähkölaitos

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