Looking to the future with an open mind

Looking to the future with an open mind


Efficiency and the simplicity and smoothness of processes have been obvious continuous improvement targets at Stalatube’s production units for decades. Unnecessary work stages have been cut out, the amount of process reject has been reduced and products have been tailored to meet customers’ needs ever more precisely. Last September, we received our latest quality certification in occupational safety and eco-friendliness for our highly fine-tuned production processes. For a long time now, we have been thinking about how we could bring the same efficiency to the restructuring of the entire organisation. We would like to serve our customers even better than before, meet their needs more precisely and make doing business with us even simpler. The solution can be found in the segregation of our industry sectors. The needs, operating methods and principles of the oil&gas, transport, energy and construction sectors are so different that, in order to serve them in the best possible way, we decided to clearly separate them from each other. Last year, we appointed a director for each of the sectors. Now, the oil&gas, transport, energy and construction sectors are headed by the persons with the best understanding of each industry’s needs and who are most familiar with you, the customers.

Due to the clear-cut division of the sectors, we will be able to focus even more efficiently on the different segments, and develop our expertise and services within them. This not only expands our understanding of customers’ needs but also increases our competitiveness. Our credibility as a partner is also improved by growing our product range and demonstrating our ability to adapt to prevailing market conditions. A broader product range enables us to offer new opportunities also to our key customer groups, wholesalers and retailers.

According to our plan, Stalatube will be known, not only as a manufacturer of high-quality tubes, but also as a producer of, for example, wind turbine towers. Turbine towers combine Stalatube’s aim to contribute to an environmentally friendly future and, at the same time, to develop our products even further. From the very beginning, Stalatube has been involved in the design, conceptualisation and material optimisation of turbine towers. The product’s markets are global and its manufacture can be carried out close to the customer, so the product also creates trade for our clients around the world.

We have also brought new products to the oil&gas sector, which is the focus of this magazine. The article “Building an environmentally friendlier future with duplex” describes the benefits of the cost-effective and durable Lean Duplex material. In “Stalargo is created in brand-new facilities” we present our new facilities in which we have begun to manufacture press break tubes using our specially tailored machines. “Occupational safety is a promise buyers have come to expect” is an account of our new occupational safety and quality requirements that we have fulfilled according to customers’ wishes.

We also hope that these articles help our customers to gain a clearer picture of Stalatube’s philosophy and goals. We will present our other sectors in up-coming issues of our customer magazine.

I hope you enjoy the read!