Stalatube components now available in Tekla Structures software

Stalatube components now available in Tekla Structures software


7,000 tons. That’s about the volume of steel that was used for the stadium that was the focal point of the 2014 FIFA World Cup in Brazil. A total of 50 modelers, engineers and project managers were needed for the project. A good software program was also needed in order to design the building quickly and easily. Such a program was to be found in Espoo, from Tekla.

Tekla, founded in 1966, is an international company that provides model-based software products for the construction, energy and infrastructure industries. In 2011, Tekla became part of the US-based company Trimble. Tekla is the global technology leader in its field of 3D building information modeling (BIM) software. The company’s strength is in their software offering, Tekla Structures, which enables customers to significantly improve the quality of their construction projects, schedule commitments and information sharing between the project parties. Tekla’s open software enables the creation of company-specific content libraries that contain a comprehensive collection of products uploaded by various suppliers. When beginning a design, building engineers can access the Tekla warehouse to see what prefabricated parts and components are globally available, in addition to the component and profile libraries offered by Tekla.

“Collaboration between parts suppliers contributes to a smooth user experience and brings added value to all parties,” says Jari Heino, Director of Tekla Building & Construction’s Steel segment.

Nowadays, Stalatube products are also available in Tekla’s Warehouse.  Stalatube products can thus be easily downloaded to the Tekla Structures software program anywhere in the world.


“Engineers are important decision makers in the construction business, which is one of the major application areas for our products. They need to have easy access to product information to do their work efficiently.  When the products are available in Tekla database, working with stainless products is much easier. Engineers can now find our stainless steel product portfolio directly from their own working tool”, says Kenneth Söderberg, Business Development Director in Stalatube.

“Stalatube has the widest dimension range of Stainless Hollow Sections in the world. Click Tekla from our website to get the most optimal solutions for your project.”

Tekla also benefits from the collaboration.

“The broader the 3D model product range that Tekla offers through its software, the simpler and more efficient to use it is in the eyes of engineers,” Heino points out.

For customers, it brings added value in the form of opportunities to visualize the progress of a project in Tekla’s program, as well as links to various MIS and ERP systems. Tekla Structures and the plant’s ERP system can exchange information about, for instance, schedules. A tube order, for example, and its manufacture, transport and installation, as well as the schedule for the entire chain, could be tracked using just one data model.