Tailoring products and services is not a problem for Stalatube

Tailoring products and services is not a problem for Stalatube


Stalatube is globally renowned as a manufacturer of top-quality stainless steel structural hollow sections and applications with an extensive product portfolio. The company does not just rely on standard dimensions but focuses on tailoring their products and services.

According to sales and marketing director Sami Packalén, Stalatube Oy in Finland has the most extensive portfolio on the market with more than 1,000 different products and services, which are based on state of the art technology and years of experience. – The underlying aim is to create added value for our customers.

Exactly the product you need

At the BAU 2017 fair in January, Stalatube will launch the opportunity to tailor the outer measures of structural hollow sections exactly to the customer’s needs. – A customer who needs a product of an unusual size has previously been forced to choose the most suitable product among the ones offered by the suppliers. Now, the customer is able to tailor the steel tubes needed in their planned project to the millimetre. 

Help with everyday challenges, testing and documentation

Stalatube will be happy to help solve any challenges faced by their customers for example in the transportation or oil and gas industry. – It is always a good idea to contact us, since our staff consists of experienced stainless steel professionals who can answer questions even about the toughest service conditions. And if a project requires certificates, test reports or detailed documentation, we will provide the customer with material certificates and other certificates for all products delivered by Stalatube during the entire process.

If you want results, efficiency or more information, feel free to contact us: www.stalatube.com

Text: Mia Heiskanen

Original article published in Handelsblatt newspaper  (Nordische Profis) 28th Nov 2016