Stalatube invests 20 MEUR in growth and internationalization in 2018-2019

Stalatube invests 20 MEUR in growth and internationalization in 2018-2019


Stalatube Oy will invest heavily in growth and internationalization in the next two years. The company’s turnover already grew 20% in 2017. Stalatube is now preparing for more growth in Finland, and also in Poland by establishing a production facility in Lodz, for manufacturing further processed stainless steel products.

In Finland, Stalatube will increase its capacity and focus its operations in one production facility. The facility in Poland will produce labour-intensive further processed products serving especially the central European markets, shortening their delivery times. Stalatube’s position as a leading supplier of stainless steel structural hollow sections, its wide product portfolio, custom-made solutions tailored to meet specific customer needs, and its flexible customer service have given the company competitive advantage in its market areas.

“Growth requires investments. Without them, we cannot expand to new product and service areas,” explains CEO Jukka Nummi. “Improving cost-efficiency on a continuous basis demands renewal and investments as well – even bold ones. Another positive aspect is that growth brings the need for more industry professionals, both in Finland and Poland.”

“These investment decisions will improve our competitiveness especially in the European and North American markets. The increased speed of delivery will also help grow our sales,” believes CMO, Marketing and Sales Director Sami Packalén.

Stalatube in brief:
Stalatube is in its sector the world’s third largest manufacturer of stainless steel square and rectangular tubes and the world’s leading manufacturer of ferritic and Duplex stainless steel square and rectangular tubes. In addition to hollow sections, the company produces stainless steel I-beams, flat bars and components. Stalatube has been in business for over 45 years and has a global distribution network that reaches 50 countries across all continents. The company’s headquarters and production facilities are located in Lahti, Finland, with sales offices also in the United States, the Netherlands and India. In 2017, the company’s turnover exceeded 90 MEUR, of which exports accounted for over 90%.

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