Testing and certification

Ensure compatibility with specifications on demand

When you need precise documentation, certification, test reports or other statements,
this service is for you. You will get all certifications for the products from the outset of
manufacturing in Stalatube factories. Through certifying the products, we assure you
of the safety of the product where it is most needed. This service guarantees that the
product is precisely what you have ordered and that it will meet all the demands in
top-priority destinations. The traceability of the products is always accurate.
Every stage of production will be documented: this guarantees the best quality
products. Product quality and reliability are vital in, for example, the nuclear and oil &
gas industries in which we have long and strong experience over many years and with
many customers.


- Inspection and testing
- Test reports
- Statements
- Certificates


- Proven and documented quality
- Safety
- Traceability