Stainless steel tubes

Stainless steel – the building material of the future

The world is focusing more on life cycle costing issues and stainless steel hollow sections will become more attractive, as they make much better economic sense in the long run.
Advantages of stainless steel as a material for structural hollow sections:

  • Excellent corrosion resistance properties
  • Good long-term durability
  • Strength
  • Toughness
  • Weldability
  • 100% recyclable

Use of stainless steel

"The possibilities of using stainless steel are almost limitless"

­"One industry appreciates good hygiene, another high strength, a third one needs light weight, and yet another values aesthetic appearance. The goal for Stalatube products is to meet all these needs and also to develop something new."

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Stalatube steel takes many forms

Stainless steel price

As nickel is one of the most expensive alloying elements and because it experiences high price volatility, the low nickel content of the ferritic and duplex grades makes them more price stable than grades with higher nickel content.

Molybdenum is added to some grades to improve corrosion resistance, while alloying with niobium and/or titanium improves weldability.

Stalatube – your best partner for optimised stainless steel products

Stalatube is known worldwide as a manufacturer of diverse and highly developed stainless steel hollow sections. Stalatube provides cutting-edge technology, over 600 products and a full range of services.

Our custom packaging ensures that products are delivered in prime condition and ready for installation, with each package clearly identified by specification and certification.


The world's largest product range of stainless structural products:


  • Square hollow sections up to 12 x 12 x 0.500 inch
  • Rectangular hollow sections up to 16 x 8 x 0.500 inch
  • Stalargo – customised press brake hollow sections, up to 20 x 20 x 0.625inch
  • Welded I-beams

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