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Export Assistant

I had asked one of my friends if he knew about any open vacancies in the industry. He then talked to his spouse, who happened to run into one Stalatube’s Export Coordinators while doing volunteer work. The Export Coordinator asked my friend’s spouse if she knew anyone who would be a good fit for an open job they had, and so she suggested me. I called the Export Coordinator, we talked about this job, and then I got a job interview.

As Export Assistant I do sales and offers and handle order processing, shipping, customer service and billing. I think the best thing about the whole process is that from the first contact, we start pricing, agreeing on the terms of delivery and logistics and then finally end up billing. I work mainly in the Transport team, but I co-operate with the whole sales process, production planning, warehousing and quality control.

I’m used to speaking English and that comes in handy here as the business we do is mostly international.

I’m used to speaking English and that comes in handy here as the business we do is mostly international. Being systematic is also important. I’m gaining an overall understanding of logistics as well as some of the individual terms and concepts of the industry. In addition, I’ve learned how to prioritize work tasks. I especially like the people and the great team spirit here at Stalatube. One great aspect is also that I feel trusted and I’ve been given responsibilities from the start – but support is also close and accessible. In essence, I have the freedom to do things but I never have to feel alone.

I started working here in the spring just before I obtained my Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration. We have already had a lot of fun events here - both internally and with stakeholders; Finnish baseball, ice hockey games, opening ceremonies, customer visits, etc. I am also looking forward to the upcoming exhibition in Brussels this fall as I haven’t attended fairs of that scale before. It would also be interesting to visit customers abroad. As I work throughout the summer during people’s summer holidays, I've been getting a lot of independent and responsible tasks and it has been interesting to work on my own having first had quite some time to learn about this work in the spring. Another nice thing about this job is that although there are a lot of basic routines, the days are not the same and often there are many surprising twists and turns that needs to be solved.

As a new team member at Stalatube I have been a part of the relaxed atmosphere. I believe that it’s  possible to find a permanent job here following the summer job, and in fact my contract has already been extended further. I hope my career continues here. The best part of my job have been meeting client and doing negotiations with them – as well as the more laid-back encounters, which have been a whole new thing to me and as such have felt really refreshing.

“From the beginning, Sampo has had a very energetic and active approach to work. Sampo shows initiative and courage and is also a highly regarded member of the team. Sampo has been an invaluable help this summer in the Transport team, and has taken care of things independently while substituting for other team members "  Sampo’s superior, Sales Director Jori Määttänen.


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