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Financial Assistant 

I ended up working at Stalatube through my aunt. She thought the open position would suit me because I study economics and handling the accounts payable is a close link to these studies - so I was excited to come for a job interview. I work as a Financial Assistant in the business support team of Stalatube and Stala Group. I actually work with almost everyone, but mostly with our Accounts Payable & Accounts Receivable Accountant and Treasury Accountant.

My job includes handling accounts payable and receivable, purchase invoice processing and mailing tasks. In addition, my tasks include receiving guests and managing the switchboard. Of these tasks, the accounts payable and receivable has been especially interesting, because it gives me challenges to solve. I’ve also been involved in an interesting project where the financial management systems has been changed to a new one. I’ve gotten to train using the new systems, as well as helped in transferring data.

Even in challenging situations, the atmosphere doesn’t suffer.

I have learned to use new financial management programs like Digia and AX. Also, being placed at Stalatube’s reception desk has developed my  skills in customer service situations and given me courage to encounter a wide range of people. At Stalatube I have especially liked the fact that there’s a really laid-back atmosphere, people greet each other and talk to each other – at lunch, I feel like I can go sit down with anyone! Even in challenging situations, the atmosphere doesn’t suffer.

I also find it good that here you can find a path from summer worker to permanent employee and, if nothing else, you can keep developing the skills learned in similar tasks elsewhere. At Stalatube, I have been welcomed as a happy summer worker who brings new energy and new perspectives. The best thing about this summer job has been that it has been nice to come to work every day.

“Miisa has been a big help for us especially in the introduction of the new financial system. Miisa has been diligent and has taken an open-minded approach to her assignments. As a bright and positive young person, she has brought a nice atmosphere to our team when we have been working on the issues and challenges of introducing a new system"  Miisa’s superior, Chief Financial Officer Sari Pulkkinen.


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