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I was originally supposed to work at the Lahti University of Applied Sciences’ Information management for the summer, but it didn’t work out due the cooperation negotiations. My teacher had heard that Stalatube might need help, so I sent an application and then got an interview. I work as an ICT trainee in the IT team of Stalatube and Stala Group. In IT helpdesk I work with almost all employees and have been involved in a joint project with human resources, for instance.

My job includes a lot of IT helpdesk, installation of an internal info-TV system including implementing, making a manual, and training. I’ve also been involved in the transition to the new JotBar work hours monitoring system. I've gotten to do small installation work for the new production line, as well as assist the network installers.  IT helpdesk and training have been especially my favorite tasks. The situations are so diverse in the IT helpdesk and there’s all sorts of problems to be solved – it keeps the job interesting.

I have previously worked in customer service, so I'm used to customer encounters - it has helped in this job, too. I currently study telecommunication technology, and there have also been tasks directly related to my education, especially in the new production line installations and new server installations. I look forward to starting the server installations, as I will be able to take advantage of my education and will be involved with the design from the very beginning. In the future, I also expect VPN development work and I will probably do my thesis on that subject. I have so far learned to use many new systems with my work.

Independent work and learning are encouraged.

What’s been particularly nice at Stalatube is that you can do the work independently as much as you want. While you can always ask for help and get support and encouragement, working independently and learning are encouraged. Nobody ever “breathes down my neck.” It is also possible to continue working here and now actually my own contract has been extended beyond summer and I would like to find my career path here. The best thing, however, has been the variety of work and the ability to decide what to do and when to do it – and what should be prioritized over other tasks.

If you come to Stalatube with an open mind and have the courage, you are free to question the old ways of working. It requires asking a lot of questions and finding out about things. Just answering this kind of questions might ignite thoughts in the organization about whether or not things are really being done in the best way possible, or if some other way would be for instance more cost-effective or reasonable.

"Hermanni has been a great help in information management, hopefully we will get more trainees and that way also IT experts in the future!" Hermanni’s colleaque, System Specialist Jarno Kurlin.


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