Our operations continue despite of the coronavirus pandemic

We are carrying out extensive measures to minimize the effects of coronavirus at our company. The health and safety of our employees is our first priority. When these have been ensured we concentrate on protecting our operating conditions. We aim to keep our core operations running even if the epidemic escalates.

So far we have been able to protect our staff and ensure continuous production. We have not had any confirmed corona infections among our employees, and our production is running at normal pace in three shifts.

We are doing everything to ensure timely delivery of all orders

Our sales organization is handling orders and inquiries normally, but there might occasionally be slight delays in the order-delivery process. We are doing everything to ensure timely delivery of all orders, but due to the extreme situation and factors beyond our control, such as the logistic chain outside our organization, we cannot guarantee this.

Please note that this extreme situation and actions taken to keep everyone safe may temporarily lead to changes in product pricing. We hope you understand this in this difficult time.

Let’s take care of each other and stay healthy.


Sami Packalén


Stalatube Oy


  • Sami Packalén

    Chief Executive Officer
    Stalatube Oy (Finland)

    +358 50 554 6564

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