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Significant material savings with duplex stainless steel in pipe support structures

The high strength of the Duplex steel EDX2304 (EN 1.4362) enables significantly lighter constructions than Austenitic steel (EN 1.4404). According to our study conducted in cooperation with A-Insinöörit a 44% weight saving can be gained by switching the pipe support structure material to Duplex. Choosing Duplex as construction material brings multiple benefits:

  • The significant material savings result in direct cost savings
  • and makes it a more sustainable choice
  • Lower levels of nickel and molybdenum lead to less price volatility


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Read the whole study:

Pipe support study

Mass comparison of pipe support brackets


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  • Lari Brask

    Director of product Development and Technology
    Technical support, Welding & materials Stalatube Oy (Finland)

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