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For oil and gas platforms operating offshore in highly corrosive environments and often far from the coastline, corrosion resistance and low maintenance needs are two must-haves. These are achieved with Duplex stainless steels. Our NORSOK M-650 approved Duplex products meet the industry standards and contribute to the service-life of the platform for decades to come.

Stalatube has provided products for the offshore/onshore for three decades. Our product portfolio contains the world’s largest dimension range of stainless steel hollow sections and profiles. As well as standard sized stock items, we create products according to customer specifications – this could mean fully custom-made dimensions and lengths, cut to length, laser cutting and perforation, components and ready-to-assemble kit packages.

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  • High strength, lighter structures – even 40 % weight-save can be reached
  • Maintenance-free, low life cycle costs
  • Great corrosion resistance, incl. pitting resistance & intergranular corrosion resistance
  • High tensile and yield strength
  • Great weldability and fatigue properties
  • 100 % recyclable, low environmental impact
  • Price stability over time due to low nickel content

Duplex is a top performer for oil and gas applications in comparison to carbon steel and aluminum. Our Duplex hollow sections and I-beams are ideal for secondary structures such as pipe support systems, skids and process pipe racks. Additional uses for them are in bridges, walkways, stairway towers and handrails. The key benefits of our Duplex products are high strength, lightness, durability and low life cycle costs. Our solutions are sustainable and 100 % recyclable.

We provide a web-based project homepage to support and enhance fast transfer of knowledge and data between all members of the supply chain. Other value-added services include technical consultation, testing and certification services and surface enhancement options. Read more about our value-added services. 

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Most cost-effective structural solution for offshore construction

Substantial savings on:

  • Material usage

  • Maintenance costs

  • Transport

  • Primary structure savings due to lighter platform


Oil and gas
Oil & Gas Industry

Oil & Gas Industry



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Markus Pirkkalainen

Markus Pirkkalainen

Sales Director Oil & Gas Industry, Hollow sections & profiles

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