Transport Industry

Transport Industry

Stalatube - a world leading supplier of stainless steel products for the bus industry

There are around 300 000 buses and coaches in the world covering around 100 000 kilometers a year. If one of these vehicles became 500 kilograms lighter, it would mean a 3 990 kg cut in carbon dioxide emissions every year per bus. The calculations are, of course, theoretical, but they illustrate how little things can make a big difference.

Stalatube supplies customers with tailor made solutions for bus and coach body structures, anything from standard length tubes to laser cut components. We also offer our expertise and experience for our customers’ use to help them choose the optimal materials. Over the years we have gained a thorough knowledge of the industry and can really help make a difference.

Benefits of stainless steel in the transport industry:

    • high strength enables lighter structures

    • good corrosion resistance reduces life cycle costs

    • tailored products reduce material waste

    • stable cost level

    • flexible stocking and delivery options