Material grades


Stalatube_oil_gasStalatube is at the forefront of development – new materials make it possible to build lighter and lighter structures
Stalatube was one of the first companies on the market to start producing hollow sections made from Lean Duplex grades. These material grades were found to be fit for demanding structural applications. Stalatube has over ten years of experience in manufacturing and delivering Duplex stainless products for different applications, including the oil & gas industry.
Use our strength!
Lean Duplex grades have higher strength than traditional materials. This helps different industries to reduce the weight of the structure considerably. Lean Duplex grades have superb elongation and corrosion resistance. They are also durable, cost efficient and environmentally friendly. The use of Lean Duplex material grades reduces the environmental footprint. By utilising the superior characteristics of these grades, it is possible to build the most lightweight solution on the market with the lowest LCC costs.

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