At Stalatube, custom-made is standard

Depending on customer needs, Stalatube delivers anything from standard hollow sections and profiles to highly customized components or tailor-made, ready-to-assemble component kits.

Stalatube stainless steel products can bring weight-savings to the topside of offside structures. Compared to carbon steel or aluminium, our stainless steel products' properties are superior in terms of life-cycle costs, strength and lightness, corrosion resistance and the sustainability of the product. 
Stalatube has the world's most flexible production lines. Producing special dimensions and special thicknesses is our daily business. We aim to optimize our customers' products and challenge the traditional thinking.

We use state-of-the-art tube laser cutting, bending and forming technologies to make it possible to deliver ready-made components and achieve manufacturing tolerances that would not be possible cost-efficiently with other production methods.