Special end-uses

Special end-uses

The versatility of stainless steel hollow sections is amazing. With its low maintenance needs and 100% recyclability, stainless steel offers perhaps the most attractive and increasingly valued benefit: a low life cycle cost.

The high strength characteristics of Stalatube hollow sections can be utilised to achieve lighter structures and savings in both material and processing costs. Many industries can benefit from these properties.

More than just product manufacturing

We offer our expertise and experience to our customers to help them choose the optimal materials. Over the years we have gained a thorough knowledge of different industries and can really help to make a difference.

In customer projects, Stalatube takes care of the process and delivers products on-site, ready to assemble. In close co-operation with the customer, products are customised according to the customer's needs to guarantee the best weight and cost relationship.

If you have any queries about stainless steel materials, processing or welding, Stalatube is always ready to help. Stalatube also collaborates with numerous engineering and design companies. We believe in constant product development.