Value-added services

Choose one of our high-quality in-stock products, and we will deliver it accurately, carefully packaged and with all of the documentation you will need. All products are manufactured according to strict requirements and standards to offer you the best possible quality and security.

Alternatively, you can make use of our various value-added services – to find a custom-made stainless steel solution that fits your exact needs, to consult technical experts or use project management services, to receive on-site assistance and have access to test reports or to boost deliveries and assembly with special packaging, ready-to-assemble kits, timed deliveries or even product warehousing. When your project requires special care and assistance, we are here for you!



The Stainless Revolution,
a concept created by Stalatube, is based specifically on high strength stainless steel and introduces you diverse benefits and capabilities.

Be sustainable, use stainless steel. Be more sustainable, use high strength stainless steel. These are the ways to Stainless Revolution.

In addition to our range of value-added services, we offer a digital toolkit. Try Stalafit PRO for easy and comprehensive design of stainless members, model construction designs in Tekla Structures 3D modeling software and access design handbooks and application studies. The toolkit is available for all our customer free of charge.

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