Calculation tools

Calculation tools

Stalafit PRO - easy and comprehensive design of stainless members

Stalafit PRO is a fully functional design application that produces ultimate limit state, serviceability limit state and fire design in accordance with Eurocodes. It has been created to help you choose the optimal product for a specific stainless steel application, starting from material selection supported by the EN1993-1-4 guidance.

Stalafit PRO covers all this:

  • Enables comprehensive and easy design of stainless members of your application
  • Helps with material selection according to the EN1993-1-4 guidance
  • Enables to specify multiple load cases with specific load types
  • Automatic generation of load combinations
  • Comprehensive limit state design with member stability and deflections
  • Fire design with user specified R-class
  • Static and deflection curves generation
  • All Stalatube hollow sections and I-beams available including user-defined RHS dimensions.
  • Creates a comprehensive design report that can be saved as PDF or sent to e-mail.


Download the new Stalafit PRO in your app store for free or use it here:

Stalafit PRO

Introduction to Stalafit PRO