Steel grade selection tool

Steel grade selection tool

How to choose the right stainless steel grade for a specific application?

The STALAFIT material selection module makes it easy to choose the right stainless steel grade for the application from Stalatube's standard steel grade selection. Corrosion resistance and strength are the main selection criteria for the stainless steel grade. The steel grades fulfilling the corrosion resistance requirements are found based on the procedure in Eurocode 1993-1-4/A1.

The STALAFIT material selection module takes into account three different variables about the environment of the application:

  • Risk of exposure to chlorides from salt water or de-icing salts
  • Risk of exposure to sulphur dioxide
  • Cleaning regime or exposure to washing by rain

Based on the information given by the user about these variables, the module proposes possible Stalatube steel grades. It also shows the 0,2% proof strength of the steels.

Please click the link to choose stainless steel grade with the help of our STALAFIT hollow section optimizer tool:

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