Tekla database

Tekla database

Tools for designing stainless constructions

Tekla Structures 3D modeling software with Stalatube's extensive updated product selection can be used for modeling different construction designs using our stainless steel products.

By downloading the Stalatube Content Downloader you can access all Stalatube products easily. The benefit of using the content downloader is that you don't have to download all products at once. By only choosing the profile types needed, you can keep your profile catalogue light and the navigation to specific profiles fast and easy. 

Check our tutorial on how to download and use the Stalatube Content Downloader:

Download Stalatube products into Tekla:

Tekla warehouse stalatube products

The use of the databases requires good expert knowledge in the field of the program (structural designer). The content has been designed in such a way so as to give a specific type of result from the data which has been entered. It remains the responsibility of the customer and/or engineer responsible for the project to check the content before use and to assure that these databases, which it provides, are suitable for the customer’s specific application. The database is only an aid without any guarantee to be faultless or for accuracy of the calculation in a specific application. This database is provided “as is”. Distributor and the authors take no responsibilities for direct or indirect costs incurred by faults in the database or in its applications.